How We Partner

We have a different approach to strategic partner relationships than most other Smart Home Technology purveyors -- and because it's different, it's not right for everyone.  Those strategic partners it is right for see a significant impact in enhanced client relationships, reduced burden of management and new business.

We are committed to ensuring that the talented interior designers, architects, general contractors, and audio video dealers with whom we partner are able to bring their most creative and difficult design challenges to life.

What makes a true partner? We see true partnership as comprised of three key elements: respect, support, and trust.

Respect means never throwing your partner under the bus or putting blame on them in the eyes of the client.

Trust is developed between two partners by always looking to maintain the other person’s dignity. This means never putting the partner into an embarrassing or compromising situation. While many in the industry lack the foresight to see problems before they happen and communicate so that issues do not become problematic for the partner and the end user, at RIT we predict and strive to avoid problems as much as possible before they arise.

Support at RIT is defined as showing up and getting the job done and making the partner look good in the eyes of the end user, and looking to uphold their reputation with as much care as if it were your own.