Motorized Window Treatments

So simple. So smart.

Often overlooked as a true smart home feature, motorized window treatments are earning their place in the game. They are endlessly customizable and offer benefits that go far beyond the basic blackout shade.

What type of window treatment is right for you?

Blackout Roller Shades – A classic look that comes in a variety of colors and fabrics. Roller shades are very effective at blocking out light. Often combined with sheer roller shades as a dual set up.

Solar Roller Shades – With a roller design, they’re simple and affordable, designed specifically to prevent glare and block damaging UV rays. Available in a seemingly endless variety of fabrics and colors.

Roman Shades – A classic minimalist option, good for almost any room in the house. They fold up neatly and unfold smoothly. Fabric and color choices are endless and are available with light-filtering and room-darkening linings.

Cellular Blinds – Their honeycomb design offers maximum privacy, absorbs sound, keeps the heat in and the cold out. Available in a variety of styles including sheer and blackout.

Wood Venetian Blinds – Rustically elegant, real wood blinds come in a variety of stains, paints, and wood types.

Draperies – The classic approach to window treatments, draperies offer privacy while still feeling light and airy. Fabric and color choices are endless and styles range from traditional to contemporary.

Motorization Options & Controls

There is a motorization option for every space…even the most difficult ones.

Hard-wired: Wired power and wired control; works best when walls can be opened and wires run easily.

Wireless: Wired for power, wireless for control; works best when some wires can be run, but not as easily as above.

Battery-powered: Wireless for both power and control; works best when no wires can be run.

In terms of controls, the options are nearly endless.

Radio or Infrared Remote Control
Mobile device app
Smart Wall/Tabletop Keypad
Automatic Timers/Sensors
Third party control systems

Why Invest in Motorized Shades?

Comfort – Create the ambiance you want, the moment you want it. Gain instant privacy when you need it.

Convenience – Raise, lower, open or close with the touch of button, whether you’re home or not.

Security – Program your window treatments to simulate a presence in your home when you’re not there.

Protection – Lower or close your window treatments during the sunniest part of the day – ensuring your furniture, carpeting and artwork are safe from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Savings – Raise or open to let in the warming sun. Lower or close to minimize drafts. Save on energy costs.

Style – Choose from countless fabrics and color options to perfectly complement your décor.

For the last 2 decades, as an important part of our 60 years in business, RIT has been designing and installing the highest quality motorized window treatments. Our experts offer a superior level of service that only comes with experience and enthusiasm. We’ll walk you through the entire process and leave you with window treatments that are equally beautiful and functional. Customization is our key focus – from unusual commercial to ultra, high-end residential, every project is an opportunity to bring someone’s dream to life.