Custom Drapery Design

The ultimate statement of style & function.

Nothing finishes a room like an elegant set of draperies. When designed and styled properly, they can become the key décor element in any room. Plus, today’s draperies offer more than just beauty. They can block the light and heat of the sun. They add warmth when it’s cold. They provide privacy and with the addition of motorization, they’re convenient too!

Why invest in custom draperies?

Personalization: The first advantage of going custom is that you’re able to choose the fabric, the style, the type of lining you want and any additional trimmings that would enhance your décor. Sizing, which is so important to both beauty and function, will be perfect. There are no “standard” windows, so this is crucial. And it’s not something you can achieve with a pair of ready-made panels from the nearest big box store.

Longevity: Draperies are not items that you’ll want to change every few months. They are design elements that should be of the highest quality so that they will last a long time. With proper care, your custom draperies will look fresh and new for a decade or more. In the long run, you’ll save money when you go custom.

Style & Design: Custom draperies can be a way to express your personality and originality. If you’ve been hesitant to use prints or bold colors in your home, draperies are a great compromise. They offer a subtle, but excellent way to interject some fun into a room. They are also a great way to carry a theme or style throughout your home. For example, you can coordinate window length curtains in your eating area, a valance over your kitchen sink, and full-length curtains in your great room.

Beyond the beauty.

Custom draperies will add elegance and beauty to your home, but that’s not all. They also deliver many functional benefits as well, such as:

*A level of climate control; keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
*Energy savings by helping to insulate windows and minimize drafts.
*Protecting flooring, art work, plants and furniture from damaging sunlight.
*Privacy from prying eyes and a measure of security.
*AND with the addition of motorization, they will open and close at the touch of a button.

At RIT, we’ve been designing, crafting and styling custom draperies for over 60 years. Our matriarch, Hilda, started the company with her original, handmade draperies. She passed down both her knowledge and her commitment to delivering the highest quality draperies. Combine that with our motorization expertise, and you have one resource for window treatments that are both beautiful and functional. We will walk you through the entire process from design, to fabrication, to installation. The result? One-of-a-kind draperies will be the showstopper in your home!