Automated Lighting Control Systems: 3 Big Benefits for Families

Home automation is becoming the norm in households across the country for good reason. It can save money by managing energy use and it provides a level of convenience that manual controls do not. However, there are other, less obvious benefits that families can enjoy by installing automated lighting control systems in their homes. They offer an added sense of safety for both parents and children, they offer security for aging adults and they can increase the perceived value of the home as well.

Children’s Safety

During the winter months, it gets dark early, but kids’ activities don’t stop. When both parents are working, they often come home to a dark house. With an automated lighting system, that operates both interior and exterior lighting, this is no longer a problem. It’s a simple matter of setting the lights to automatically come on at a specific time, so the house is lit and less intimidating. In addition, it will appear as though someone is inside which deters individuals with bad intent.

Security For Aging Adults

As people age, mobility problems and other issues, like diminished sight, become more common. Combined these deficiencies can lead to accidents and injuries within the home. An automated lighting system eliminates the need to walk through a dark home – reducing the chance of trip and fall accidents. It can also help elderly adults that have trouble remembering to turn off lights that aren’t being used, or to turn on lights when they’re needed most. Automated exterior lights help thwart criminals by coming on at dusk and shutting off at daybreak. This added level of security helps individuals live longer in their own homes and provides peace of mind for their caregivers.

Increased Home Value

The family home is often the largest investment a family will make. In light of this, many families undertake home improvement projects to increase the value of their investment. Smart home technologies, such as automated lighting systems, may not be an absolute necessity, but they are a nice perk for buyers. Maybe not vital, but definitely impactful. Homes with automated systems already installed are often viewed as more valuable, especially for younger buyers who rely heavily upon technology.

Automated lighting systems, and other smart home features are becoming more and more prevalent everyday. Homes with these types of systems are safer for children and adults alike. They are also more valuable in the eyes of potential buyers. If you want to learn more about home automation, and how it can benefit you and your family, contact us. We’ll be very happy to answer any questions, or address any specific concerns that you may have.

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